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SmartProxy is a service that provides the use of proxy servers with intelligent routing for anonymous and efficient data collection on the internet. It is used for various purposes such as market research, web scraping, competitor monitoring, and more. Smart Proxy allows users to access web resources without the risk of blocking or limitations.

From the Provider:

Smartproxy, recognized as the Best Value Provider for four consecutive years by Proxyway, provides the most efficient way to test, launch, and scale web data projects.

Their range of products includes residential, static residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies, Site Unblocker, SERP Scraping API, eCommerce Scraping API, and Web Scraping API.

Smartproxy’s easy-to-use and high-quality infrastructure helps to boost team productivity, save time, and reduce costs. The provider offers an intuitive dashboard, seamless configuration and integration, and free tools for a quick time-to-value experience.”